Stuart Daley (born 1973/1974) is a man who resides in Holby.


On 27 July 2019, Stuart dropped his daughter Siobhan off at the ambulance station for her first shift as an emergency care assistant, but operational duty manager Jan Jenning reprimanded them for blocking the doors. At the scene of a warehouse fire, Siobhan began to have a panic attack and left Stuart a voice message; she then went to an off-licence and filled a water bottle with vodka.

Back at the ambulance station, Siobhan found Stuart outside. After realising that her bottle contained alcohol, he expressed his disappointment with her relapsing after four weeks of sobriety, and she vowed not to touch another drop. However, Iain overheard their conversation and demanded that she hand over the bottle. Upon smelling alcohol in the bottle, he admonished her for putting a patient's life at risk and immediately called the police. Stuart asserted that her alcoholism was not her fault, but Iain maintained that she could not "bring that sort of baggage" to work and urged him to consider whether or not making excuses for her behaviour was "the right kind of help".

Once she returned home, Siobhan berated Stuart for pouring all of her alcohol down the drain and grabbed the car keys when he refused to give her money. He rushed outside and tried to block her path, but she accidentally ran him over. An ambulance was called, and Iain and Ruby took them to Holby City Hospital's emergency department. Once Stuart was stabilised, Siobhan realised that she had to take responsibility for her actions and - despite Stuart's objections - handed herself into the police. (CAS: Episode 1138)

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