Sunny Sagar is a university student studying property law who lives in Holby.

Biography Edit

On 8 September 2007, Sunny admitted himself to Holby City Hospital's emergency department after taking a large amount of paracetamol. New F2 Toby De Silva attempted to get a medical history from him, Sunny explained that he took the pills to "punish" himself and left. That afternoon, as Toby was searching for a young girl who needed urgent treatment following a bombing, he spotted Sunny on a street and pursued him. In a playground, Toby warned Sunny that the paracetamol he took would destroy his liver and kill him within three weeks if he continued to forgo treatment, but Sunny asserted that he was letting his parents down by hating being at university and punched Toby when he suggested that he was a coward for resorting to suicide instead of confronting his parents. Later that day, Sunny decided to seek treatment and approached Toby, but he told him that he needed to see a "real" doctor. (CAS: "My First Day")

Behind the scenesEdit

Shane Zaza portrayed Sunny on Casualty for an episode in 2007.

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