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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Take It Back" is the 612th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 22nd series. It was preceded by "Adrenaline Rush" and followed by "Where's the Art in Heartache?". The episode was directed by Nic Phillips and written by Rachel Flowerday.


When Adam awakens from his one night stand he heads to work and finds out that she is the new nurse at the ED. The pressure builds for Tess after Harry is not fulfilling his promise of new nurses with a lot of patients breaching 4 hours. Meanwhile in a car workshop a man severs an artery in his leg with a power saw. Toby and Ruth treat him and Maggie is forced to tie off the artery out of theatre as no surgeons are available. Ruth and Zoe are treating an overdose patient who took the pills after realising he would never get out of his debt. Ruth becomes emotional after his death, blaming herself. Just as Toby and Maggie are leaving for a meal, Maggie's daughter turns up and tells her that she is pregnant. Tess tells Jessica that the agency have decided to keep her on in Holby.