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Events of episodes 42 - 46 of series 33

After reviewing recent Holby City episodes, I have reviewed the timeline and made some adjustments to the dates of some series 33 episodes.

  • Episode 42, given that it was originally supposed to air on 6 July, takes place on that date.
  • Episode 43 takes place on 13 July, and episode 44 takes place on 14 July.
  • As Fiona Nyeman clearly stated that it was Friday, and given certain conversations in the episode (i.e. the conversation between Archie and Ciaran about Duffy), I have dated episode 45 as 19 July.
  • Episode 46 takes place on 27 July and 28 July. During day two, Dylan mentions that Serena Campbell wants to review the department's controlled drugs policy. As, in-universe, Serena went on leave on 31 July, this episode cannot take place any later than that date.
  • As confirmed in the Holby City episode "Where Does It Hurt?", the series 34 premiere takes place on 17 August.

Of course, I'm assuming that the Casualty and Holby City production teams are infallible, but I think these are safe assumptions to make. -- lythronax (talkstalk) 20:47, August 23, 2019 (UTC)