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"Talking Turkey" is the 141st episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 9th series.


Two brothers die in a car crash. Policeman John Milligan and his younger partner Tracey come in with them; they are having an affair and he intends to tell his wife. Several policemen come in with food poisoning but John dies from bowel problems and Tracey elects not to tell his wife of the affair. A girl reacts badly to family coming to stay and runs off. She is found being sick on the train track; she is bulimic. Charlie discovers her younger sister was killed by a train after she dared her to run across the track and the family have never come to terms with it; she was expected to share a room with her cousin, the first time since her sister died. A farmer's daughter is brought in after collapsing with abdominal pains while exercising; it turns out she is in labour and hadn't known she was pregnant. Her father goes after her boyfriend, one of the farmhands, with an axe, causing him to hit his head on some machinery, but all is soon forgiven and he gives the staff a plucked turkey as a thank you present. Rachel convinces Mike to spend Christmas with her and they leave with the turkey, which only Charlie sees.

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