Tanya Duffin (born Victoria Bartley) is the current wife of Peter Duffin, the son of Lisa "Duffy" Duffin.

In November 2016, Tanya was heavily pregnant and was due to have a cesarean at St. James Hospital. However, when she started having pains Duffy told her to go to the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital where she would help her. There, Tanya noticed another woman in the department and started to leave. However, as she was doing so she went into labour. They decided to still go ahead with the journey to St James, but as they did the woman from earlier threw away the keys to the ambulance, therefore, locking them inside with Jez. The woman transpired to be Tanya's mother, but she was taken away by social services due to neglect. Eventually, Charlie and Duffy broke into the ambulance to help and the baby was successfully delivered. Whilst recovering, Tanya told Duffy that she wanted to stay in the UK. (CAS: "Thirty Years")

Behind the scenes

Sophie Austin portrayed Tanya Duffin for one episode of Casualty in November 2016.


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