Tara Doyle is a hospital inspector who works for the Care Quality Commission. She previously worked as a senior consultant.

Tara worked as a senior consultant, but, at one point, one of her patients died due to a clerical error. Wanting to make sure that these errors did not happen again, she decided to become a hospital inspector. (CAS: Episode 1102)

In October 2018, Tara was sent to Holby City Hospital's emergency department to carry out an inspection, and Louise Tyler was made her point of contact. After interviewing several members of staff, she asked Louise for patients' notes. Louise soon learned from Charlie Fairhead that Tara was allegedly let go from her old job as a consultant for bullying, prompting Louise to make a harsh remark towards her. Tara told her the truth about the rumour and reminded her that people follow people rather than orders. (CAS: Episode 1102)

Behind the scenes

Erin Shanagher portrayed Tara in Casualty for one episode in 2018. She made an additional appearance in Holby City later that year.

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