Tara Jewkes is a mortuary assistant who currently works in Holby City Hospital.

In July 2017, she started working in the hospital's mortuary. That month, Max Walker met her and suggested attending his charity speed-dating event at The Hope & Anchor. She was initially hesitant but she later took part. However, she began to feel ill and later collapsed. After being taken into the ED, it transpired that she was undergoing hormone replacement therapy and had increased her oestrogen dosage, causing a blood clot. When Tara was taken to radiology, she introduced herself properly to Max as a transgender woman. (CAS: "Somewhere Between Silences - Part One")

In August, Tara began dating a man named Will. In October, he collapsed after drinking and doing cocaine. When he was taken to hospital, he broke up with Tara, claiming that he only wanted to experiment with a transgender person. Outside, Max comforted her, telling her that she should fight for what she loves most. After Will apologised and admitted that he was HIV positive, the couple reconciled. (CAS: Episode 1057)

Behind the scenes

Ariel Reid portrayed Tara on Casualty for two episodes in 2017.


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