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Taylor Ashbie is a con artist and former girlfriend of Caleb Knight. After meeting Cal, she made up the story that she was part of a charity organisation, and that they were in need of additional funding.

When she asked him for £15,000, he stole it from Ethan and gave it to her so he wouldn't lose her. Taylor then ran off with the money, but she called Cal about a month later as she had been stabbed and was in the toilets in a park. After treating her, Ethan made a deal with her that she would run away from Cal as a result of what she had done. When she did get out of the car at the arranged time at the traffic lights, Cal ran after her but Ethan managed to stop him, and after realising that it was Ethan who told Taylor to leave, they broke into an argument.

In October 2015, Taylor returned to the ED having escaped from prison after giving birth to a baby girl whom she believed was Cal's. After Ethan and Cal treat her for an infection secretly in the on call room, Cal convinces her to turn herself in and then when she's released the three of them can be together. However, when Cal falls asleep next to the baby and Taylor, he wakes up to find Taylor missing, and a note saying that it is better this way, indicating she has once again gone on the run. In December, Cal took a paternity test and discovered that Matilda wasn't his, and handed her over to social services.

Personal life

Taylor and Cal.

She revealed to Cal in 2015 that she grew up in foster care when he asked why she was worried the same would happen to the baby. After her relationship earlier that year with Cal, she believed that the baby she had given birth to was his, but it was later revealed not to be.

Behind the scenes

Sarah Jayne Dunn has portrayed Taylor in Casualty in 2014 and 2015. She was sometimes credited as Taylor Ashbey.


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Taylor Ashbie appeared in 7 episodes of Casualty, 6 of which were in 2015. She made another episode appearance in October 2015, as well as an appearance in a special red button episode. Her first appearance was in the episode "Feeling Good" in December 2014, and her last appearance in the special episode "On Call" (her final appearance in a full episode was the episode before "On Call"; "Rules of Attraction").