Ted Roach (died September 1990) was a taxi driver married to Megan Roach who worked at the Emergency department at Holby City Hospital.


In October 1986, Megan discovered she had cervical cancer and needed a hysterectomy. She felt she couldn't tell Ted, and instead confided in Ewart. (CAS: "Professionals")

A week later, a crazed woman had been going around attacking taxi drivers. Megan was worried about Ted's safety. She tried to contact him but his radio was turned off. The woman got into his cab, but he avoided an attack, by talking to her calmly for over an hour. When he picked up Megan later, with thoughts of retiring, she told him she had cancer, and explained what her hysterectomy would mean for them. (CAS: "Crazies")

In December, Ted showed his support for the night shift by attending a demonstration outside the hospital with Megan and the other staff. (CAS: "Closure") Despite the team being victorious in winning back the night shift, Ted did not share Megan's enthusiasm - he felt Megan cared more about her job then their relationship. (CAS: "A Little Lobbying")

In November 1987, Ted and Megan celebrated their 25th Silver wedding anniversary by hosting a party attended by the staff. Ted told Megan he wanted to go into partnership with his cousin and start their own mini cab firm but she was furious because it meant moving to Cheltenham. (CAS: "Hooked") The next week, Ted took Megan for a picnic in Cheltenham and showed her his garage where he was hoping to work but she was not impressed. (CAS: "Fun Night")

By September 1988, Ted was living and working Cheltenham only seeing Megan every fortnight. (CAS: "Welcome to Casualty") This placed a strain on the marriage especially when Ted was not keen for Megan to move up and join him in Cheltenham. (CAS: "Inferno")

A year later in September 1989, Ted decided to leave Megan and they separated, this came as a shock to Megan. (CAS: "Chain Reaction") The stress of this caused Megan to become addicted to Valium, Charlie caught her stealing prescription drugs from the department. (CAS: "A Grand in the Hand")

Ted died from a heart attack sometime between August and September 1990. Megan attended his funeral in Cheltenham. (CAS: "Penalty")

Behind the scenes

Nigel Anthony portrayed Ted Roach in Casualty from 1986 to 1987. His death was off screen and revealed in the episode "Penalty".


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