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Theodore "Teddy" Gowan (born 18 June 1999) is a paramedic who works for the Holby Ambulance Service. He joined the service in August 2021.


Early life

As an infant, Teddy was frequently taken in and out of hospital on account of his size and failure to gain weight. Teddy's mother Gaynor was terrified of the prospect of Teddy continuing to deteriorate and dying, but her sister Jan was more optimistic. (CAS: "Break Your Heart") At some point, Gaynor and Teddy's father divorced. (CAS: "Broken")

Joining the ambulance service

Teddy joined the Holby Ambulance Service in August 2021. He immediately came into conflict with senior charge nurse Charlie Fairhead when he accused Charlie of trying to con his mother Gaynor on an online dating website and threatened to call the police. Charlie insisted that it was a catfish, and Teddy felt inclined to believe him when his colleagues vouched for Charlie, so Teddy lured the catfish to the peace garden to expose them; it was later revealed that Paul Pegg — a temporary receptionist working in the department — had been operating the profile, and Robyn Miller had set it up. Charlie appreciated Teddy's help and vouched for him when Jan Jenning, the operational duty manager and Teddy's aunt, expressed her doubts about working with her nephew. (CAS: "Begin Again")

In October, Jan reluctantly agreed to partner up with Teddy for a shift and insisted on treating each other as just colleagues. While Teddy treated a heroin overdose, the patient stole his phone and ran off with it. Teddy managed to retrieve it, but he fell onto a used needle stick; Teddy was not injured. Later, while tending to a disabled woman named Elsie, Teddy discovered that her shed was being used to grow cannabis, and was promptly knocked unconscious and placed into a car boot by the culprit, Ben. After being confronted by Jan and Elsie, Ben tried to drive away with Teddy, but Elsie had possession of the keys. Jan freed Teddy and managed to wake him up, and Jan, despite feeling the effects of the hash cakes she had eaten unknowingly, admitted that she was terrified of him getting hurt and that she did not want to lose any more of her colleagues in the wake of Lev Malinovsky and Fenisha Khatri's deaths. (CAS: "Is the Patient Breathing?")

Atrial septal defect

In February 2022, Teddy began to experience dizziness, fatigue, blurred vision and shortness of breath. Teddy feared that he would lose his job if his symptoms were noticed, so he decided to mask them with an intense fitness regime. (CAS: "Apron Strings", "Break Your Heart") Unaware of Teddy's condition, Gaynor encouraged his new fondness for exercise and began buying him protein-rich food. (CAS: "Break Your Heart") While trying to a patient find her daughter in a pile of rubbish, Teddy cut himself and was treated in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. Paul Pegg, the department's temporary receptionist, noticed Teddy's symptoms and offered him a tincture. Teddy initially declined, but, after managing to get Jan and Gaynor to make amends following an argument, he approached Paul and bought two bottles. (CAS: "Apron Strings")

In March, Teddy's symptoms started to become more prevalent, but he continued to keep them a secret. On a shout, Teddy tried to climb a tree to help a patient, but Teddy blacked out and fell. When admitted to the ED, Teddy tried to conceal his condition, but he later went into atrial fibrillation and required defibrillating. Consultant Ethan Hardy detected a systolic murmur and later found an atrial septal defect that would potentially require surgery to correct. Gaynor admitted her constant anxiety to Teddy and urged him to get another job for the sake of his wellbeing; Teddy reluctantly placated Gaynor and promised to find a job elsewhere. (CAS: "Break Your Heart")

Behind the scenes

Milo Clarke has portrayed Teddy in Casualty since August 2021.