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This template calculates the birth year and current age based on the age as of a date. This is useful when a reference states only their age at the time of the reference's publication.


 {{birth based on age as of date |age |year|month|day}} 

The age, year, and day must be supplied as natural numbers; month can be specified as a natural number as well as by name or abbreviation (e.g. "August" or "Aug"). The Gregorian calendar is assumed, with no special support provided for dual dating or the difference between Old Style and New Style dates.

If they are not known, the "day" and "month" fields can be omitted; this is useful if, for example, only the publication year for a source is known.


To suppress the age field:

 {{birth based on age as of date |age |year|month|day |noage=1}} 

With the "noage=1" option, the month and day can be "1".

To replace the '/' separator with ' or ' in compliance with WP:APPROXDATE, add |mos=1

{{birth based on age as of date|50 |2019|08|11|mos=1}}
1968 or 1969 (age 51)


If, for example, a reference dated July 4, 2019 mentions that someone is 50 years old, that person's birth year and age can be rendered using:

{{birth based on age as of date |50 |2019|July|4}}

The following examples are for a person reported as being 50 years old in 2019

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