This infobox is for use on character pages. Parameters should be chosen accordingly. Arrival and departure parameters only for main characters. Note that the "job" parameter defines what theme the infobox is given and doesn't show up on the infobox. A more detailed explanation is given below of parameters available, but most are chosen accordingly to career and will follow the colour scheme of the image. Subheadings are lighter than the title.

Colour schemes

The colour of an infobox depends on what is put in the job parameter. This is an invisible parameter that can be filled in in source mode, and defines the colour of the infobox depending on the character's role on the show. Below are the colour schemes by career/role:

  • Faded Dark Blue - Consultant (input "consultant")
  • Teal - Registrar (input "registrar")
  • Light Turquoise - Junior doctor (input "juniordoctor")
  • Vibrant Dark Blue - Senior staff nurse (input "seniornurse")
  • Light Blue - Staff nurse (input "nurse")
  • Pink - Student nurse (input "studentnurse")
  • Dark Green - Paramedic (input "paramedic")
  • Faded Indigo - HCA (input "HCA")
  • Burgundy - Porter (input "porter")
  • Salmon - Receptionist (input "receptionist")
  • Dark Teal - Holby City character (input "holby")
  • Green/Turquoise - All guest characters (input "guest")


Examples are given for all of the themes listed above in the order given.

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