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The Anchor Ale House (commonly referred to as just The Anchor; formerly the The Hope & Anchor) is the local pub located near the emergency department of Holby City Hospital. Staff members in the ED often go there after their shifts to unwind. On Caleb Knight's first shift, he asked Charlie one question, which was what the local pub is.

In August 2015, the staff gathered there after their shift to celebrate Zoe and Max's engagement. Two months later, they went there again to commemorate the anniversary of Jeff's death.

In May 2016, Shelle Jones trapped Zoe and Elle in a room in The Hope & Anchor after badly injuring Vince Callaghan. They were eventually able to get help when Max discovered them, and Shelle was later apprehended.

In August 2016, Charlie's 30th anniversary party was held here, but it was abruptly put on hold when news of Connie and Grace's car crash got back to the staff. Later on The Hope & Anchor was used as a place for the injured people to go and get medical attention following the helicopter crash which occurred outside the entrance to the ED.