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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"The Blame Game" is the second episode of series 25, and the 736th episode of Casualty overall.


The press have nicknamed the ED "Hellby" and patients are even refusing to be treated there. As a furious board led by Henry demands answers, Jordan is determined to find a scapegoat, unsettling all the staff in the process. Even the highly experienced Tess and Charlie are feeling the pressure. Will the intense public scrutiny pull the team together or tear them apart?

War veteran Leslie and young boy Amir are brought in to the ED with wounds caused by an explosion. As they are being treated, Amir reveals that he found two hand grenades in Leslie's shed and he still has one with him. Amir pulls the pin and the ED is evacuated, leaving just the two of them and Charlie. It's down to Charlie and Leslie to try to stop Amir from detonating the grenade. Just what is the connection between Leslie and Amir?

Meanwhile, unconcerned by the fallout from the college incident, Ruth arrives at work excited about a new surgical job she's applied for. It should be a formality, especially with new husband Edward to put in a good word for her. With the appointment being announced today, could this be the long-awaited opportunity that ambitious Ruth has been hoping for?