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"The Cradle Will Fall" is the 708th episode of Casualty and the 22nd episode of the 24th series.


It’s a day of high tension as the young doctors try desperately to impress, with mixed fortunes, in the F2s’ exam.

May is given a pep talk by her father, Eddie, and is shocked when he hands her an envelope with the exam questions inside in order to help her along her way. And all the F2s are rattled when Jordan reveals that the exam will also include a day-long assessment, overseen by Henry.

Yuki falters while treating Seb, a seriously ill teenager, but redeems himself when he comes up with a brilliant diagnosis. However, when he bravely tells a packed meeting that Seb told him he no longer wants to receive treatment, Henry orders him out of the room.

Over-confident Lenny, meanwhile, is disappointed to be stuck in cubicles and, determined to impress, orders a series of tests for elderly patient Chick. However, he is distressed when the tests reveal something sinister and tries in vain to persuade his patient to accept treatment.

May initially impresses Henry when surgeon Sarah Evans is rushed to the ED having collapsed in theatre, but she fails to chase up a test result which puts Sarah in danger. She is then horrified to discover that her father and Sarah seem unusually close. When Eddie insists he wants someone more qualified than May to treat Sarah, May is shattered. But will her lack of confidence tempt her to take a peek at the exam questions?

Meanwhile, there’s more heartbreak for the team as baby Harry is laid to rest and Ruth finally gathers the courage to tell Jay that she loves him – but is it too late?