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"The Enemy Within" is the 731st episode of Casualty and the 45th episode of the 24th series.


Lenny and Yuki go head to head for the JAFA scholarship; rumours of Zoe and Jordan’s engagement fly around the ED; and Roxanne Pallett stars as the girlfriend of someone with vitiligo.

It’s interview day for the JAFA Fellowship and Lenny is highly confident. However, he’s furious to discover the Ludlow Foundation is refusing to compensate the Crypto virus victims, so decides to take the fight upstairs, until Jordan warns him that Robert is on the interview panel. After holding his own in the interview, Lenny finds his trust shattered when a patient disappoints him. The young medic has to decide whether to stick to his guns or succumb to Robert’s offer to relinquish the proof of the cover-up in order to win the Fellowship.

Meanwhile, Zoe is both thrilled and perturbed to see Jordan so happy about her supposed pregnancy and desperately continues with her fertility treatment, despite the fact that it is making her unwell. She has dizzy spells throughout the day and eventually faints at work. Revived by a concerned Jordan, Zoe realises she’s running out of time but can’t see how to tell Jordan without ruining everything.

Arrogant DJ D-Ray is admitted to the ED with a skin complaint. Zoe discovers that he has vitiligo and that he’s been having copious sun-bed sessions to cover up his whitening skin. Warning him that he could have the early stages of skin cancer, Zoe refers him to a specialist but, arrogantly, he tears the referral up in her face. When D-Ray’s girlfriend, Leanne, arrives at the ED, D-Ray must decide whether to tell her the truth. But is their relationship only skin deep?

Later, Charlie learns that Megan is dying and is in a great deal of pain. She is desperate and asks Charlie to help her. Is it too much for Charlie and his conscience, though?

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