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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"The First Noel" is the first special episode of the 31st series of Casualty. It is available to view on BBC iPlayer, and wasn't available via the red button feature. Unlike other special episodes, this is a mixture of in-universe pantomime and out of universe cast footage.


The only cast member to take on their regular character role was Tony Marshall who portrays Noel Garcia. Five of the other main cast members appeared in special acting roles as various storybook pantomime characters, along with Tom Chambers. Furthermore, several other cast members appeared towards the end of the video to wish fans a happy Christmas. A full list of appearances can be found below:

As characters

As themselves/cast members


Alone in reception, Noel Garcia's missing the Christmas party, and begins spilling his sorrows to a Fairy Godmother figurine. Shortly after, a Fairy Godmother (Duffy) appears and grants him his wish to go to the Christmas party.

As he leaves the main entrance, he notices Cinderella (Elle) sitting at the back of an ambulance with a cut on her foot, and the prince (Jacob) asks for his assistance. Just as Noel is about to go over, he's interrupted by Captain Hook (Charlie), and promptly gives Cinderella a plaster so he can get away quickly.

As he makes his way across the road, Noel comes across Aladdin and his mother (Tom Chambers). He also spots Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk (Robyn) sitting on the kerb complaining of an sprained ankle after having fallen from the beanstalk.

Just as Noel is about to enter the pub, the narrative changes from the pantomime theme when he gets a call on his phone from Casualty's series producer, Erika Hossington. She wishes the viewers and fans of Casualty a happy Christmas, and as Noel enters the pub all of the cast can be seen singing a Christmas song. Among the crowd is various regular cast members of the show, along with executive producer Oliver Kent and Chizzy Akudolu, who portrays Mo Effanga on Holby City. Template:Series 31