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"The Golden Hours" is the 951st episode of Casualty and the 36th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "The Way Home" and followed by "A Moment of Clarity". The episode was directed by Steve Brett and written by Jude Tindall.


When a mother crashes her car trying to give her baby his dummy she suffers quiet severe injuries. However her 4 month old baby boy is abducted by a grieving mother. The women (Susie) who abducted the baby boy takes him back to her house she ends up shutting her neighbours fingers in the door leading her to have to go to hospital. Dixie becomes concerned that Susie has abducted the baby. She remembers a photograph of Susie and her husband on the pier near by on the wedding day and finds Susie and the baby on the pier. Dixie manages to talk Susie into giving her the baby so that he can be reunited with his mother and Father.

A boy with cancer named Matt is brought into the ED after he falls approximately 5 feet after practising for a parachute jump. He fractures his collar bone but while he is the CT scanner he fits and Cal, Lily and Lofty have to stabilise him. However when his CT scan comes back it reveals that the cancer has spread to his Liver. Cal gives his sympathy but Matt won't have and says that Cal is a waste of space. Matt wants to do a calendar and ropes in everyone in the ED. Cal takes Matt out to the front of the ED so that he can take pictures of the baby being reunited with his mother and father as something to be remembered by.

When Charlie goes up to visit Louis on the ward he is horrified to find him in the toilets about to inject himself again. He pours the heroin down the sink and take Louis down to she a recently dead patient who was also a drug addict. Charlie forces Louis to take a look at the girl and gets angry when all Louis can say Is sorry. Charlie and Louis then become upset as Louis admits he needs Charlie's help to get clean. However when Tess and Connie walk in on them Charlie has to talk to them. Charlie isn't worried about what the think and just wants to know if he still has a job much to the frustration of Connie as she is worried about him. Charlie and Louis go home and after taking Louis upstairs Charlie locks him up there so that he can get clean from heroin.

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