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"The Good Life" is the 117th episode of Casualty, and the 14th of the 8th series. It was preceded by "Wild Card" and followed by "Out to Lunch". The episode was directed by Diana Patrick and written by Susan Wilkins. It shares its name with a series 30 episode, which aired over 20 years later.


A man is found badly beaten at the docks. The staff discover he is a Bosnian Muslim and Frankie and Mike, who is visiting before returning to work, find him collapsed in the car park when he tries to flee. A group of travellers are on their way to Wales when an older member of the party collapses coughing. Karen learns he believes he has AIDS but Tom realises he actually has tuberculosis, which is treatable. Karen tells Tom she's learned a lot from him. Ash is upset when Duffy recommends Adele to take over from her instead of him. A couple find their baby a victim of cot death and the staff unsuccessfully try to resuscitate her. The father threatens to sue before breaking down. Duffy asks Charlie for a hug and they part on good terms.

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