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"The Homecoming" is the 192nd episode of Casualty and the 16th episode of the 11th series.


Michael Walend is released from jail after serving 15 years for the murder of a young girl and goes home to his mother Mary, who still lives in the area where the murder happened. Despite pleas from Peter, the father of his victim, for them to drop it, a vigilante mob drag him out of his home and beat him. In hospital, the self-loathing Michael tries to goad Peter into killing him but he refuses. Another prisoner, Perry, returns home to his wife Nula, who collapses soon after. At hospital, Perry discovers she is pregnant. In fact, the child is his, conceived when he was allowed out for his grandmother's funeral months earlier, but Nula is leaving him anyway. She has a clot in her heart but, even though she plans to have an abortion, Jack refuses to give her medication that would harm the baby, and she ends up dying in surgery. Andy, a member of a Hare Krishnas group, is brought in with a cut arm. He speaks to his father John for the first time in ten years and they make their peace. Jude tells Matt she is going to have an abortion and he offers to go with her. Gloria finds out about Richard's MS.

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