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"The Last Chance Saloon" is the 27th episode of the 28th series of Casualty and the 893rd overall. It was preceded by "The Great Pretender" and followed by "Survivor's Guilt". This episode marked the first appearance of Ben "Lofty" Chiltern, portrayed by Lee Mead.


Lily makes a special connection with a new mother with learning disabilities. Robyn is intrigued when she discovers mysterious intruder Lofty hiding in her house, but is he really as kind and friendly as he appears?

Robyn confronts an intruder in her home, but when she gives chase she ends up impaling her foot on a garden rake. Will the trespasser stop to help or make good his escape?

A heavily pregnant woman is rushed to hospital in severe pain, and Lily shows her softer side by taking on her treatment. However, Ash is disappointed to discover the defiant young doctor hasn’t followed all his instructions and decides to teach her a lesson.


Towards the start of the episode, a brief outside shot of the ED's entrance is shown. However, it is still in the old yellow colour which was replaced in episode 19 of the series. This is thought to be a result of the use of archived generic scene-setting footage.

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