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"The Last Word" is the 76th episode of Casualty and the 11th episode of the 6th series.


The team welcome back experienced staff nurse Sandra Nicholl, back at work after having a daughter, Laura. Both Jimmy and Julian are attracted to her. Sandra treats a woman with a bleeding forehead and she also has HIV. She didn't use gloves and asks Charlie about the risks. A lorry with three workers, Michael, Cliff and Mal, swerves to avoid a car and crashes. They have been drinking, but the driver, Michael, is found to be under the limit. Cliff, who was to be getting married the next day, is more seriously injured. He is about to go up to surgery, but has a cardiac tampanade. Julian keeps him in CRASH to operate on him, which is successful, however he later dies. A ballet dancer arrives with rectal bleeding. Ash learns of her efforts to remain slim, a diet of tissues and laxatives. Duffy refuses to quit nursing and ends her relationship with Paul.

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