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"The Next Step" is the 956th episode of Casualty and the 41st episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "If You Could Bottle It" and followed by "Dark Horses". The episode was directed by Steve Hughes and written by Julie Dixon.


It's Jacob Masters' first week in the ED as a nurse. He is full of him self and certainly thinks he's the best. He hasn't yet won over all the staff but he seems like he is just trying to do what’s best even if he doesn’t always go about it the right way.

When Aisha has a big presentation at school and ropes in friend Carly to help her but when they take some drugs to help them get through it it ends badly. They go up onto the roof and Carly gets to close to the edge falling into the bushes below. They are taken to the ED and after the girls fail to tell there doctors what happened the believe its from the jabs they had at school meaning there friends come in. Aisha eventually admits what happened after she sees Carly fighting for her life. The are both treated and are fine.

After Noel's Cleaner friend brings her son to work she has to hide him in the cleaning cupboard however when a fellow cleaner mixes up some bleach she leaves and locks the cupboard behind her leaving the little boy trapped inside and inhaling the fumes. Big mac hears him calling for help and manages to bust the door open and get him help. Ethan treats him and he is free to go home.

Meanwhile Zoe is upset when Max failed to tell his mother about there age difference. Max and Zoe go to lunch with his mother and when he mother doesn’t want to except Zoe she asks all the wrong questions, Zoe receives a call and frustrated with Max's mum she makes an exit saying she has to work. Max later apologises for his mother and asks Zoe to marry him, to which she says yes.

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