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  1. redirect Template:EpisodeBoxNewThe Next Step is the 41st episode of the 29th series of Casualty. It was preceded by If You Could Bottle It and will be followed by Dark Horses.


Jacob starts his first shift in the ED, but immediately finds himself using his charms and power of persuasion when a young girl consumes an unknown substance given to her by her best friend, before falling off the school roof. Dylan's compulsive obsession in Resus Bay 4 continues, and he soon finds himself becoming more agitated than ever. Zoe has a disastrous dinner date with Max and his mother, Greta. Truths are soon exposed when Zoe reveals to Max she is unable to have children - but it's Max that drops the bombshell when he proposes to Zoe, who responds with a yes. Honey surprises Noel when she returns unexpectedly.

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