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"The Price We Pay" is the 674th episode of Casualty and the 36th episode of the 23rd series.


Jessica frantically rushes into the Emergency department with baby Harry who isn't breathing. Jay and Tess see to him. Adam enters Jordan's office, picks up his resignation letter and rips it up. The two argue about Jordan's ability to do his job following his botched work on the politician Margaret Samson, but are interrupted by Jay who needs Adam to see to Harry. As Adam takes charge of the situation, Jordan also tries to help, but Adam refuses to let him. Adam gives reassurance to Jessica. Henry tells someone over the phone that Margaret Samson is receiving the best possible care. As Margaret learns from her daughter Amber that her incident has caused a media storm, Ruth tells her there is a bed for her in CCU. Margaret experiences a STEMI, so Ruth asks Jordan on the best way to deal with her but he simply walks off. Jay asks Adam to see to her but he finishes dealing with Harry first.

Adam tells Margaret of the drugs she will need to treat a blood clot, which she consents to, despite Amber's request for Jordan's opinion. A journalist reports on Margaret's case outside the ED but Jeff, then Dixie, accidentally interrupt. In the ambulance the two paramedics discuss Jeff's difficulty in finding a new place to live. In a school playground, young boy Matty is bullied by Leo and his friends. They make fun of him for not having parents, and Leo throws his toy plane at him, giving him a facial wound. Jeff and Dixie arrive at a house and find that the old man residing there has been dead on the sofa for some time. Jeff comments that the house wouldn't be a bad place to live. As Harry is recovering, Zoe talks on the phone about finding him a place in the PICU, but hears that one won't be available for a while. Jessica suddenly notices he has a rash. Margaret asks Adam to be honest about the seriousness of her condition, noticing the signs that he is lying when he assures her she is doing well. He sincerely tells her she only has days at most. Ruth informs Adam that Margaret can't be moved to CCU anymore as the bed has been taken up. Adam goes to treat Harry with Zoe, as he also has a temperature, and Jessica is convinced he has meningitis.

Leo tries to warn Matty to not tell anyone about the incident, but Matty tells him that he knows of a secret place in the school where they keep sweets. Matty takes him to a fridge room in the school kitchen, and quickly locks him inside, while taking his toy plane. Adam and Zoe take samples from Harry so that tests can be run. Now in the ED with his grandfather Walter for his injury, Matty lashes out and refuses to be seen to by Jay. Walter mentions that Matty has behavioural problems, just before Matty runs off and locks himself in Jordan's office. He notices that Jordan is sat at his desk, who invites him over. As Harry's samples get sent off he starts fitting. Jay hands Jordan supplies to treat Matty, who tries to resist again but Jordan calms him down. Harry's seizure has stopped and he is taken to PICU with Jessica, who tells Adam that he might be the baby's father. Jordan treats Matty's wound in his office, and moments later Noel enters to tell them that Matty's school called to say that Leo is missing. Matty claims to not know his whereabouts, while Leo struggles with the cold inside the fridge. Adam demands to know why Jessica waited to tell him he could be Harry's father, and she insists she didn't want to burden him. Matty claims that Leo got into a car with a strange man. Jeff asks Zoe if he can rent her spare room, but she turns him down. Tess makes a reluctant Adam do paperwork. She then mentions to Jay that both Alice and Curtis have the afternoon off, so he asks if it means they're back together, which she denies. Alice and Curtis are having a romantic walk, though Alice is nervous.

Adam complains to Margaret that he feels everyone is lying to him, but she suggests he expects too much of everyone, as people often lie to protect themselves and others. Margaret then suddenly has a stroke. An old man, Edward, hears about Margaret's condition on the radio's news and drops his tray of food in shock. Adam fills Amber in on Margaret's condition. Jordan fixes Matty's broken plane and finds a detailed drawing of a boy sat alone in a room, while Matty speaks to the police about Leo. Zoe tries to get Dixie to let Jeff move in with her, telling her he said he wanted to. Alice and Curtis have been passionate in bed, and Curtis tells her he isn't afraid of Tony or anyone else when he's with her. Big Mac gossips with Dixie that Alice and Curtis are back together. Edward arrives outside the ED and asks to see Margaret but is refused access by security. Walter aggressively asks Matty if he is lying about what happened to Leo, just as Jordan arrives to tell them he wants to keep Matty overnight for observation. Jordan gives the fixed plane to Matty, who starts playing with it, while Leo starts to lose consciousness from hypothermia in the fridge. Jordan talks to Matty about his drawings of a boy alone in the dark, but Matty doesn't want to discuss them. Margaret goes into cardiac arrest, and Amber agrees to cease treatment when Adam says she won't ever recover. Amber mourns over Margaret, and Edward hears Adam report her death to the press.

Jessica finds Adam visiting Harry in the PICU. Walter tries to take Matty home but Jay tells them that social services are on their way due to concerns about Matty. Jay shows Walter Matty's drawings but he insists there's nothing to them. Matty confirms he's the boy in his drawings but refuses to speak when asked if Walter is the one who locks him up. Adam tells Jessica he wants to know for certain if he's Harry's father but admits he doesn't know what it would mean for them if he isn't. Walter tells Jay that his daughter, Matty's mother, has disappeared and he's been left to raise him, and that Matty has a habit of making things up, suggesting that Leo's kidnap may have just been another of his stories. Matty tells Jordan about how he gets locked up because bad boys have to be punished, while Walter insists to Jay that locking Matty up for a short while is for his own good. Tess visits Jessica and Harry, and Jessica admits she isn't coping. Edward enters the ED and tells Adam that he wants a chance to say goodbye to Margaret, claiming to have been a good friend of hers. Amber sees him and agrees to take him to see Margaret's body. Jordan and Jay ask Matty if he wanted to punish Leo like his grandfather does to him, and Matty admits the truth. Arriving at the school to see to Leo, Dixie and Polly continue the gossip about Alice and Curtis, as Devyn overhears.

Henry complains to Tess and Adam about two four hour breaches, but Jordan takes control of the situation, insisting that they do their best given their circumstances. Tess, Adam and Jay resuscitate Leo who is in cardiac arrest, while Jordan consoles Matty. Jessica signs a DNA test form. Edward gives his condolences to Amber, who asks him if he's her father. Matty visits an unconscious Leo, and hands him back his toy plane. Jordan admits to Adam that he was diagnosed with a brain tumour a few weeks earlier. Edward tells Amber he didn't know he was her father until it was too late, as he was, and still is, married. She tells him she was adopted and has two children she'd like him to meet. Edward admits he never told his wife about Margaret, and leaves. Amber tells Adam that Margaret had lied to her that her father was dead, but Adam tells her it was to protect her. Meeting Edward outside, Adam tries to persuade him to see Amber but he refuses, saying he has too many regrets. Dixie and Jeff awkwardly talk about his search for a new place to live, until she tells him to move in with her. Adam rushes to see Harry, telling the ITU doctor he's his father. She confirms that Harry doesn't have meningitis and it is likely just a virus. Adam and Jessica both decide a DNA test isn't important. Jordan hands his resignation to Henry, but Adam says on his behalf that they will both continue to run the ED to the best of their abilities, so Henry returns the resignation. Devyn, having been searching for Alice, finds out where she lives by asking around with a photo of her on his phone. He secretly takes a photo of her and Curtis kissing, and sends it to Tony. Jordan insists to Adam that he isn't fit to work in his condition, but Adam refutes that there are still many tasks he can do. Jordan asks Adam why he is helping him, and Adam says it's because he's a good doctor. Simon Judd from the Farmead Estate is taken to the ED with a stab wound, and is treated by Adam and Jordan.