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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"The Rita Supremacy" is the 30th episode of the 29th series of Casualty. It was preceded by "The King's Crossing" and followed by "The Department of Secrets". Despite the episode's name, Connie was the centric character, not Rita although she did play a major part.


After Connie's arrest the team are left wondering if she really could have done it. Rita also wants to prove that Connie is guilty and that they can work perfectly well without her. Meanwhile Connie is giving as good as she gets in prison and tells the police that she doesn't need a brief or lawyer. However as she starts to hear each of her colleges talk about her and unintentionally making the police think she is guilty, she becomes annoyed and demands a lawyer. When her lawyer turns up he isn't much help and Connie begins to tell the police that she did go to see Alfred and she did give him benzodiazepines, but it was only 2 to ease the pain and the rest are in her desk. However when they go to look for them, they're not there as Rita has taken them. Rita takes the pills as the proof Connie is innocent and it's not what Rita wanted to happen. Connie is then charged with the murder of Alfred.

Robyn fancies Lofty, and Lofty appears to fancy her back. But when Lofty asked Max how to put off a girl we see that maybe he doesn't like her after all. When a girl comes in with a tattoo on her back, Lofty and Cal treat her. The tattoo has become infected and she needs to take antibiotics. She asks Lofty to take a picture of it so she can send it to her boyfriend who is leaving the country without her, however Lofty manages to convince her that he's no good for her if he's left her. When she repays him with a kiss Robyn catches them. Robyn later finds out that Lofty didn't want to date her and becomes angry, telling him that there were a million nicer ways he could have done it.

A teenager named Laura and her boyfriend are brought into the ED after they are involved in a house fire. However when Laura's mother shows up it soon becomes apparent that Laura hasn't told her mum about her relationship. It is later revealed that Laura planned on moving in with her boyfriend as soon as he got a new flat and had her bags packed. Laura's mum found out but didn't tell Laura as she knew it would hurt their relationship. Wanting her daughter away from him she burnt down his house not knowing that they were both inside. Laura tells the police what really happened after she finds out and her mother is taken away by the police.