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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"The Ties That Bind" is the 230th episode of Casualty and the 4th episode of the 13th series.


Duffy rejoins the department as an agency nurse and helps Charlie deal with a patient who is afraid of injections. George and Sunny worry she is there to replace Mark. Charlie orders Adam to find Mark a private room. A driver gets into an argument with a biker and rams him, causing him to crash, before running over a pedestrian. Tina recognises the biker, a friend of hers, and knows his father is a police sergeant. He dies of his wounds and his father punches the driver, who is arrested when he is found to be over the limit. The pedestrian sends Josh and Penny to his flat where his wife is handcuffed to a radiator: She is a heroin addict who has had several miscarriages because of the drugs. She has just miscarried one of a pair of twins and they locked her up to try and get her to go cold turkey. Tina and Chloe throw a housewarming party where Tina dances with Sean while Chloe sleeps with Pat.