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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"The Way Home" is the 950th episode of Casualty and the 35th episode of the 29th series. It was preceded by "Fix You" and followed by "The Golden Hours". The episode was directed by Jon Sen and written by Claire Miller.


When Connie comes back the harsh reality that one of her co-workers tried to set her up for murder leaves her doubting her old way of running the ED. She instead tries to embrace being nicer to everyone and brings in muffins for the staff to share, she even goes so far as to forgiving Rita. However it is soon discovered that Connie's no nonsense harsh attitude is just what everyone at the ED needs.

Zoe and Dylan get to the bottom of how two men end up entangled in barbed wire together and why their 3rd team mate is still missing. It is soon discovered that the first man has set an animal trap for his 2nd team mate to step into as he was jealous of him. However. their 3rd team mate was given the wrong map and has been lead on this route. The first two men get away with minor injuries and their female team mate is alright in the end, despite having sustained a nasty ankle injury.

Meanwhile Charlie's son Louis is brought into the ED after he is pushed into a stake by a friend's boyfriend. Louis is on the way to recovery but after being given some drugs to help the pain he tells Charlie a few harsh home truths. Charlie is hurt but Tess reminds him that it was the drugs and that you never give up on your kids. Louis later gets his 'friend' to bring him in some heroin and she agrees as long as Louis doesn’t tell anyone that her boyfriend hurt him. Louis collapses from the heroin but the manage to stabilise him again.

Louis 'friend' is treated by Rita after she gets a few cuts. They are only minor injuries but Rita knows that there is more going on then meets they eye. However, the girl is reluctant to tell her anything. Rita lets her know that no matter what she is done her parents would want to know that she was ok and she agrees to calling her mother who later turns up.