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"These Things Happen" is the 30th episode of Casualty and the 15th and final episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Burning Cases" and followed by "Welcome to Casualty". The episode was directed by Alan Wareing and written by David Ashton.


Ewart's recovering from a heart attack and as Megan worries about the old woman's death and the report she has to submit, Lucinda arrives to be told the bad news. When she receives a copy of her mother's death certificate, she is told by the Coroner she can't sue anyone until the inquest has been heard. Kuba lets slip to Ewart the trouble Megan's in and he's told to leave when his heart rate goes up and Elizabeth has to explain what is going on. Megan goes before the hospital board, to answer their questions and is cleared but now she has to face the inquest. Lucinda befriends Mrs King the next door neighbour, and finds a lonely woman, who's still mourning her husband and arrives in time to raise the alarm, when she tries to end it. She has to be pumped out and Lucinda complains to Charlie, who promptly spells out the risks the woman would have faced, if they hadn't done it. A birthday party ends in tragedy for three nurses, when Francine and Jane are injured in a hit and run.

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