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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Thicker than Water" is the 618th episode of Casualty and the 28th episode of the 22nd series. This episode features the departure of consultant Harry Harper.


With Ruth now off life support, she is beginning to recover but is still not awake, Adam braces the team that they will make one final attempt to take Ruth off of sedation and warns them that they should say their farewells. Harry is brandished by the press as part of the cover up, Marilyn tries to make a scapegoat out of Harry after the public cry for the boards resignation. The team applaud Harry for his actions when he then tells them that this will be his last day as consultant manager of the department. Meanwhile a construction worker falls from his site and is rendered unconscious, during his fall his building materials also land on other workers and on a car. Adam and Harry clash while treating the man who fell and argue over whether to intubate or not, their argument spills out of resus and into the corridors where Adam questions him as to why he waited so long to release the diary. Charlie is working in a Health Centre where he is treating a patient with whiplash. Marilyn makes an official press conference criticising Harry's actions, he then suggests to Adam that he should become the next Clinical lead which Adam declines. After Harry's departure, Toby finally manages to pluck up the courage to visit Ruth when after speaking to her, she begins to move. Harry decides to play one last ace-By inviting Charlie to return to the ED.