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Template:EpisodeBoxNew "This Life" is the 996th episode of Casualty and the 36th episode of the 30th series. It was preceded by "Chain Reaction" and will be followed by "The Best Day of My Life". The episode was directed by Jermain Julien and written by Kim Millar.


Big Mac struggles to hide the toll his addiction is taking and steals some painkillers from a patient's bag. He becomes angry when a young boy catches him in the act of taking some, and his change in behaviour starts to become noticeable. Charlie notices his odd behaviour, and demands to know the truth, prompting the troubled health care assistant to confess the truth.

Connie takes the day off to go to Grace's school's sport's day and discovers that Grace has called her a witch when another mum jokingly drops it into conversation. Robyn is determined to bring David out of his shell and Dylan tries to befriend Max. Rita needs somewhere to stay and Iain suggests she take up residence in his spare room, but when Jez warns him he is getting in too deep, he begins to have second thoughts about his offer. Template:Series 30

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