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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"This Mess We're In - Part One" is the 637th episode of Casualty and the 47th episode of the 22nd series.


In the morning of the day the coroner's inquest is due to begin, Maggie emerges from the on call room, having struggled to sleep. She watches as her colleagues attempt to resuscitate a baby who has stopped breathing. Maggie insists on helping, and is able to get the baby to start breathing again. In a supermarket a young boy, Billy Weston, is found shoplifting by security. A guard chases him through the town until Billy jumps off a ledge and injures himself. Charlie prepares himself for the coroner's court. He asks Zoe if she is sure that Maggie didn't order the tests; Zoe insists she knows she didn't. In the immigrant camp, Natasa Jovanovic's father Marko is teaching her English, when he and other members of the camp are put to work by construction foreman Rob Greyson. Zoe tells Marilyn she is unhappy having to lie in court, but Marilyn assures her that she'll be fine if she sticks to the story, again threatening to expose her affair with Sean and putting her job at risk. A worried Maggie heads off to court with Charlie while her colleagues wish her luck. Charlie accuses Marilyn of stitching Maggie up when she talks about facts and the hospital keeping a united front, telling her about all the damage she will be causing just to keep her private clinic going and covering up for Simon. Maggie is annoyed at Charlie's outburst.

Jeff and Snezana arrive at the spot where Billy jumped, finding his leg badly wounded. At court, Maggie and Charlie meet Thea Grant, her solicitor, and learn it is only Thea's second inquest. Simon expresses his concern to Marilyn that they are perverting the course of justice but she insists they won't be found out, reminding him that since he falsified the notes, he can't suddenly claim to have been confused. In the toilets, Maggie is confronted by Kris Kemp's adoptive mother Pam, telling her she never got to say goodbye to her son. Ruth hands over a patient with a dislocated shoulder to Toby and encounters Toby's mother Camille Windsor with journalist Kyle Rutherford. Kyle reveals he is writing an article about Toby on the day in the life of an F2. Camille is impressed with Toby when he puts the patient's arm back in place. Noel gives several documents to Jessica in relation to the private clinic. The Serbian immigrants work on construction at a quarry, but are worried about dangerous rubble falling from the wall. An unconcerned Rob tells them they can leave, knowing they won't as they need the work.

At court, Simon takes the stand, where he claims he knew something was wrong with Kris, but Maggie dismissed testing for any potential underlying conditions. Zoe phones Sean insisting on seeing him. Ruth looks on jealously as Toby is interviewed by Kyle, claiming she has plenty of stories for him. Noel suggests Toby was chosen to be interviewed as he is more 'sunny' than Ruth. Kelsey is unhappy with her online date and admits that Big Mac was romantic. Billy's sister Grace wakes up and can't find him in the house. In the ED, Adam treats Billy who is distressed but won't say anything. Camille snubs Ruth's offer to give her own interview, simply stating that they only want to speak to Toby. Noel repeats his claim to Camille and Ruth that Toby is more sunny. Zoe tells Sean about Marilyn's blackmail. Sean refuses to get involved and dismisses her when she mentions his job could be on the line as well.

Maggie takes the stand. Rob invites one of the immigrants, Mina Rabinovich, into his construction site office. She becomes distressed as he kisses her and threatens him with a knife. He mocks her as he takes the knife off her then hits her and starts to undress. As Toby brags to Kyle and Camille, Holly Spellman arrives. Kelsey watches as Billy is being treated and realises he is deaf. Big Mac hears what's going on, and starts communicating with Billy in sign language. Billy tells the staff about his sister and gives his address. Toby overhears Holly telling Camille about his work on her operation. Toby confides in Ruth that the X-Ray he showed her the previous week where the locking screws weren't lined up was his own fault when he operated on Holly, not a 'spot the problem' test and he hasn't told anyone about his error. Ruth refuses to help him fix the problem as it is too serious, so Toby responds with scorn, telling her she doesn't do friends.

Maggie testifies, explaining the purpose of a D-dimer test. Lawyer Victor Marsh accuses her of dismissing the need for a test, which she denies. He points out that a witness claims her behaviour at the time was cold, and that she never made any notes. He accuses her of failing Kris. Jeff and Snezana arrive at Billy and Grace's house, finding the place extremely untidy. Jeff finds Grace hiding under a bed. At the construction site, Marko struggles to breathe. Victor puts pressure on Maggie, pointing it out when she forgets to mention one of the tests that should have been carried out on Kris. He suggests this could be a sign she is not cut out for her job. Jeff takes Grace to the hospital, while Snezana finds Marko outside the building. Camille examines Holly while Toby tries to put her off it. Camille notices her leg is rotating and Kyle enquires about Holly's chart. Toby loses his temper and orders them both to leave. Grace goes to see Billy in the ED. Jeff speculates the two children have been living alone for a while based on the state of their house. Marko asks Snezana for an inhaler in an ambulance, but she refuses to give him one that hasn't been prescribed. Jeff spots her looking through her bag, and Marko continues to struggle to breathe as he leaves for the ED. Toby gets Alice to page him, and uses it as an excuse to send Holly home for a few hours.

Outside of the courtroom Charlie calls Noel and gets him to check the time Kris Kemp was admitted. Noel finds two records for the name and Charlie gets him to check the record that doesn't match Kris's hospital number. The record doesn't show any details on medication, and Charlie determines that Kris was booked in twice as the admission date is the same but the time is different. He tells Noel there will be two sets of notes for Kris and orders him to find the original notes. Noel recruits Ruth to help him in finding the notes. Mac tells Billy about the treatment he needs for his skin. Billy finds the experience painful but Mac supports him. Jeff accuses Snezana of continuing to hand out stolen medication to the immigrants. She shows him that nothing was stolen. Rob hands out wages to the workers and notices that Marko is missing. After his treatment, Billy tells Mac in confidence that his mother has been gone for three weeks and he has looked after Grace during that time. While searching for the notes in a cupboard, Ruth tries but fails to show Noel she can be sunny. Zoe enters and works out what is happening, so offers to help.

Marko is about to be treated in the ED but walks out when he sees a policeman. Kelsey tells Mac how Billy and Grace's mum is an alcoholic and previously brought home a man who physically abused them. Mac questions where social services have been. Billy is upset when Mac tells him a social worker has been contacted and he will go to a foster home. Noel tells Charlie over the phone that the notes are lost. Camille tries speaking to Toby but he tells her to go. She tells him if he finishes off his interview with Kyle she will leave him alone. Mac finds that Billy and Grace are missing. Outside he finds Grace who takes him to a collapsed Billy. Marko returns to the site, but Rob refuses to give him his full wages as he left without his permission. Marko tells Rob that he knows what he's been doing to Mina and tries to attack him. Rob fires him. Kyle keeps pressing on at Toby about Holly. He gives vague answers before telling him to instead interview Ruth, mentioning her suicide attempt. Billy is back in the ED recovering, and Mac tells Grace he doesn't know if their mother will ever return. Grace reveals that in their last foster home, Billy was bullied by other kids. Mac assures her it will be fine.

Marko drives a tipper on the construction site, while still suffering from an asthma attack. He collapses at the wheel and the vehicle drives into the quarry wall. The court adjourns. Pam accuses Maggie of not caring about Kris and killing him. She tells Maggie she wants her punished. Jessica sorts the Minor Injuries Unit files that were given to her by Noel and finds one that was sent to Paediatrics by mistake. Grace is upset as she is taken by social services. Mac tells Billy he can't look after Grace by himself and says he's sorry. The paramedics arrive at the quarry to deal with Marko who is trapped in the tipper. Curtis notices that the wall is collapsing and orders the other paramedics to hurry. Maggie starts to think that Pam is right and questions if she really did order the tests. Charlie assures her that she did. Jessica hands the file sent to the wrong department to Zoe, who sees that they are Kris Kemp's original notes proving that Maggie ordered the tests.



  • Dee Taylor-Thompson as Mrs. Matthews