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"This Mess We're In - Part Two" is the 638th episode of Casualty and the 48th and final episode of the 22nd series.


Maggie is cleared at the coroners court as Zoe tells the truth about Simon's duplicate notes about the patient who Maggie was accused of killing. Maggie later decides to leave the Emergency Department, asking Charlie to come with her to travel. He declines and says he has a son to look after but it is the best invitation he has ever had. Elsewhere the paramedics are caught in a landslide at a quarry where illegal Kosovan immigrants have been working. One worker, a friend of Snezana, dies, and Maggie promises Snezana she will take the worker's daughter back to her family in Serbia. Toby and Ruth have a heart-to-heart and Ruth tells Toby to admit the medical mistake he has made to Sean. Abs is caught kissing his friend Stacey's wife. The court case is taken to the police. As the episode closes, Maggie and Charlie share a kiss.

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