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"This Mess We're In - Part Two" is the 638th episode of Casualty and the 48th and final episode of the 22nd series.


Maggie imagines that she has been found guilty and refuses to go back into the court room. Marilyn expresses sympathy. Charlie gets a phone call from Zoe who is rushing to the court house telling him she has Kris Kemp's original notes. As Maggie starts to feel relieved, Marilyn tells her and Charlie to go back inside while she waits for Zoe, hiding her worry. The staff at the ED discuss the new developments in the case and are hopeful for Maggie. Jessica finds Natasa at the ED and notices she is suffering an asthma attack. Adam questions who she is just before she collapses and is taken to cubicles. Snezana and Jeff tend to a trapped Marko who is more concerned about Natasa. He makes Snezana promise to look after her if he doesn't make it, mentioning that her remaining family are in Serbia.

In cubicles Adam and Jessica find Natasa has recovered, and they argue over what could be wrong with her as Adam believes she wasn't really having an asthma attack. Natasa flees the building with some medication, just as Louis arrives with a facial injury. Louis downplays it, saying he doesn't want to trouble his dad, but Tess insists he needs treatment. Dixie finds that another person is trapped in the rubble. Mina Rabinovich's husband Milosch is concerned it could be her. Marko is able to tell him she is in the foreman's hut. Rob Greyson watches on as the events unfold. Zoe arrives at court where she is greeted by Marilyn. When she tells Marilyn that no-one else has seen the notes, Marilyn instructs her to testify as originally planned, as she is more concerned for the hospital's reputation. She attempts to bribe Zoe with a medical director role, who eventually complies. Marilyn rips up the notes and throws them in the bin.

Milosch finds Mina badly bruised in the hut. He determines that Rob is responsible. Adam points out to Jessica that if Natasa was able to run away she won't have had breathing problems, but Jessica is more concerned that they were unable to help her with any problem she may have had. Kyle Rutherford reintroduces himself to Ruth and asks to interview her. Ruth is bewildered but agrees. In the court room, Zoe tells Maggie and Charlie that she actually had the wrong notes. Charlie is called to the stand. Natasa arrives at the construction site and finds her injured father. Moments later a landslide occurs. On the stand, Charlie praises Maggie's abilities as a doctor and insists she is being framed. Pam Kemp voices her opinion that someone needs to be held accountable for Kris' death when Charlie blames the administrative system. Natasa frantically searches for her father in the rubble. Snezana holds her back while the other paramedics find Marko and ventilate him.

Zoe is called to the stand, but receives a message on her pager that she is urgently needed at the hospital. The court is adjourned so that Zoe can return to work. Maggie also wants to return to work at the hospital but Charlie tells her she shouldn't. Kyle interviews Ruth and asks her if the department failed her in her crisis. She halts the interview as Camille Windsor enters the room. Kyle apologises to Ruth, claiming that he was told she'd be happy to discuss her suicide attempt. Ruth demands to know who told him. Toby finds Alice taking Holly to cubicles, and insists that he takes her instead. Camille and Ruth arrive wanting to speak to him. Camille scolds him for passing on the interview to Ruth and spending too much time with Holly, but Toby claims that Ruth was going to help assess her. Ruth scornfully gives the true account that Toby actually wanted her to help him cover up his major medical error, furious that he told Kyle about her personal problems. Camille is appalled at what she has heard.

At the construction site, Milosch accuses Rob of assaulting Mina. Rob mocks him, claiming it was self defence, and the two men get into a fight. Marko is taken to the ED with a distraught Natasa. Adam, Zoe and Charlie treat him. While doing so, Charlie demands that Zoe tell him what really happened with the notes, but she reiterates her claim that she got it wrong. Natasa has to be ushered out. Camille looks at Holly's X-Rays and chastises Toby for potentially causing a major disability and keeping quiet about it. Ruth listens in. Toby gives no response, so Camille gives up and leaves him to deal with it himself.

Charlie sees Maggie in the ED, who wants to spend her potential final day doing something helpful in the department. Tess asks her to see to Mina. Marko's condition deteriorates so Zoe proposes a laparotomy as it's his only chance. Charlie reluctantly agrees. Maggie sees to Mina's injured eye, as Milosch accuses a passing Rob of the attack. As Mina sits up, Maggie notices she is in pain in her lower abdomen. Maggie asks if she was raped but Mina gives no response. Maggie asks Kelsey to treat her. Marko's operation fails and he is pronounced dead as Milosch watches on. As Ruth treats Rob, Maggie asks to speak to him. She tells him about Mina's sexual abuse, and Rob blames one of the other immigrants. Maggie tells him that a DNA sample will confirm who the culprit is, and an angry Rob refuses to speak to her further.

Natasa looks over her father's body with Snezana. Rob goes in to join them but when Mina sees him with Natasa she rushes in and shouts at him. She wants Rob to confess to what he did but he is dismissive. Rob is apprehended by a policeman as he gets into another fight with Milosch. Mina reveals, with Milosch translating, that Rob sexually abused her but he pretends she was up for it. As she further confirms the rape and that he beat her, Rob is taken away by police. Milosch is distraught at what he has learned. Maggie asks for Mina to agree for a doctor to examine her for evidence. Charlie points out to Zoe that these events are proof that Maggie always puts the patient first and isn't concerned about promotions or money. Adam, Jessica, Kelsey and Sean go to court to support Maggie as the inquest is about to resume. Ellie arrives to see Abs. She knows that Stacey hasn't turned up, but Abs promises he will.

Zoe returns to court and takes the stand. The coroner asks her for her version of events. Zoe hesitates before truthfully saying that she wasn't in the vicinity so didn't know what happened. Marilyn claims that Zoe heard everything, but Zoe refutes this; revealing to the court that Marilyn blackmailed her into saying it. She accuses Marilyn of only being interested in her private clinic's reputation. The coroner orders Zoe to reveal what she was blackmailed with. Zoe admits to having an affair with a senior doctor, which influenced her gaining her clinical lead role. Marilyn forces her to reveal the doctor's name, who Zoe reveals to be Sean. Hearing everything, Jessica rushes out of the room and Sean follows her. Zoe confirms that Simon's original notes for Kris were found earlier that day where they confirmed that Maggie had ordered the D-dimer test. She tells the court Marilyn destroyed them. when Marilyn accuses her of lying, Zoe takes out the ripped notes, having retrieved them from the bin.

Jessica vomits in the toilets. Sean tries to assure her that his affair was a stupid mistake that didn't mean anything. Jessica is distraught, having previously blamed herself for their marital problems. She tells Sean to leave her alone. The coroner tells the court that the new evidence has turned the issue into a criminal offence, and that it will be passed onto the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. He dismisses the court. Maggie is emotional. Thea tells her and Charlie that Marilyn and Simon will very likely be prosecuted and end up in the criminal court. Maggie and Charlie share a tender moment in their relief, and kiss. Charlie asks Maggie to move in with him and to marry him. Adam gives support to an upset Jessica. She points out she can't take the moral high ground, and asks him to give her time. Abs finds Ellie in the ED again. She is upset that Stacey never arrived and thinks he will never change. Abs comforts her.

Charlie returns to the ED and announces that Maggie is in the clear. They all agree to hold a celebration for her. Charlie is brought by Tess to see Louis and isn't fooled by his claim that he fell, knowing he was punched. Louis admits he was mugged, losing his new phone. Snezana tells Maggie about her promise to look after Natasa. She admits she can't do it, and that Natasa needs to go home to Serbia to be with her grandmother. Snezana, assuming Maggie is leaving her job, asks her to take Natasa back home as she is unable to do it herself. Maggie informs her she doesn't have to leave anymore. As Abs supports Ellie, they kiss each other. Stacey arrives and catches them in the act. Stacey accuses Abs of only helping him because he wanted Ellie, and orders him to stay away from him while he goes for a drink. Charlie takes a reluctant Maggie to the celebration as the staff cheer for her. Maggie emotionally tells everyone that although she was cleared, she has decided to leave anyway as she had already prepared herself to move on. She hasn't decided what to do next but the first thing she will do is take Natasa back to her family in Serbia. She apologises to Charlie for her decision.

Ruth finds Toby making plans to operate on Holly alone. She tells him he will jeopardise his career if he does so, and assures him that it is better to come clean. She reminds him that as F2s they're meant to mess up and he can't do so more than she has, mentioning that she even failed at suicide. She assures him he won't be written off if he comes clean now and admits that she doesn't want him to leave her on her own after all they have been through together. On the hospital roof, Charlie asks Maggie why she has to leave. She tells him she feels the hospital lost trust in her. She invites him to travel with her. Getting a text from Louis, he tells her he can't leave his son. They share a kiss.



  • Richard Price as Quarry Worker