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* '''3 '''- The events of " [[Next Year's Words]]" take place.
* '''3 '''- The events of " [[Next Year's Words]]" take place.
* '''10 '''- The events of "[[Clinging On]]" take place. Tess steps down as [[Clinical Nurse Manager]].
* '''10 '''- The events of "[[Clinging On]]" take place. Tess steps down as [[Clinical Nurse Manager]].
* '''17 '''- The events of "[[Muddling Through]]" take place. [[Robyn Miller|Robyn]] sets up food bank in the hospital.
* '''17 '''- The events of "[[Muddling Through]]" take place. [[Robyn]] sets up food bank in the hospital.
* '''24 '''- The events of "[[The Last Goodbye]]" take place. Rita's first day as Clinical Nurse Manager. [[Grace Beauchamp]] goes missing and later moves to New York to live with her father.
* '''24 '''- The events of "[[The Last Goodbye]]" take place. Rita's first day as Clinical Nurse Manager. [[Grace Beauchamp]] goes missing and later moves to New York to live with her father.
* '''31 '''- The events of "[[What a Difference a Day Makes]]" take place. [[Big Mac]] is spotted by [[Honey]] stealing food from the food bank cupboard.
All events of 2016 by month.
All events of 2016 by month.

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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

This is a timeline of events of Casualty.


All events of 2015 by month.

January 2015


All events of 2016 by month.

January 2016

February 2016

  • 6 - The events of "Step Right Up" take place. Ethan Hardy scales a Ferris wheel to save a girl.
  • 14 - The events of "Hearts and Flowers" take place. Sam Strachan returns from the US.[2]
  • 20 - The events of "Just Do It" take place. Sam Strachan returns to the US and Grace stays with Connie.
  • 27 - The events of "Fatal Error" (parts one and two) take place. Diane Stuart dies after receiving a defibrillator shock.[3]

March 2016

April 2016

May 2016

  • 7 - The events of "Hello, I Must Be Going" take place. Zoe Hanna leaves the department and Elle Gardner joins. They're taken hostage by Shelle Jones and she's later apprehended.
  • 21 - The events of "Chain Reaction" take place. Elle is disciplined by Connie.
  • 28 - The events of "This Life" take place. Connie attends Grace's sports day and first meets Steph Sims. Big Mac admits his addiction to Charlie.

June 2016

July 2016

  • 3 - The events of "What Lies Beneath" take place. Jacob Masters risks his life by jumping into a stormy river to rescue a man. Iain Dean realises Rita's lies and shouts at her.
  • 9 - The events of "Where the Truth Lies" take place. Dylan Keogh's relatives are nearly killed in a house fire. He agrees to take care of his half-sister some of the time.
  • 16 - The events of "The Fear" take place. Rita Freeman leaves the department on neutral terms.

August 2016

  • 27 - The events of "Sticks and Stones" and "Too Old for This Shift" take place. Connie and Grace are involved in a severe car accident when Steph Sims inadvertently makes them go off the road. Jacob is appointed as acting Clinical Nurse Manager. Note: The episodes take place on the date which the series 31 premiere aired due to it lining up with continuity with Holby City and the next episodes of Casualty. Most times in this section were seen on clocks throughout the two episodes.
    • Before 6:55 - Connie wakes up and goes for a run.[5]
    • Before 9:00 - Carmel breaks her leg on the trampoline, Grace discovers Connie and Jacob kissing when she goes to get help.
    • 9:00 - Connie arrives at Steph's house to help Carmel.[6]
    • 13:50 - David Hide takes Robyn Miller to see Glen Thomas who's in the ED following a fall.[6]
    • Before 16:55 - Connie and Grace plummet off the road into a ravine.[7]
    • 16:55 - Steph Sims arrives in the ED after being hit by an oncoming car.[6]
    • 17:45 - Elle Gardner receives the news of Connie's crash and asks Dylan Keogh to attend the scene of the accident.[6]
    • 18:50 - Connie Beauchamp arrives in resus after having been admitted by ambulance following the crash.[6]
    • 19:00 - Charlie Fairhead and the other staff arrive in resus as Connie is receiving treatment.[6]
    • 19:37 - Grace Beauchamp arrives in resus after being rescued from the crashed helicopter.[6]
    • 20:10 - Elle Gardner finds Jacob Masters upset and alone in the staff room. Grace Beauchamp starts fitting in the CT scanner and is rushed back into resus.[6]
    • 20:15 - Lily Chao informs Iain Dean that he has no major head injuries. Jez Andrews informs him of the good news about Grace Beauchamp.[6]
    • 20:40 - Charlie Fairhead finds Jacob Masters in Connie Beauchamp's office and shows him Grace Beauchamp's scan results showing a subdural haematoma.[6]
  • 31 - The emergency department is reopened.[8]

September 2016

  • 2 - Elle Gardner is appointed the role of acting Clinical Lead in Connie's absence.
  • 3 - The events of "Fall on Me" take place. Repairs are taking place throughout the department following the previous week's crash.
  • 10 - The events of "Strike Three" take place. Jac Naylor visits the ED to perform an operation on Grace Beauchamp.
  • 17 - The events of "Pride Comes Before a Fall" take place. Ethan and Alicia are dispatched on a rescue mission and she ends up vomiting on him later that evening, drunk.
  • 18 - The events of "Schoolboy Crush" take place. Ethan wakes up at Alicia's house, Charlie attends a school reunion with Duffy, and Alicia pranks Max and Jez by putting them in bed together naked.[9]
  • 19 - The events of "Party Pooper" take place. Alicia celebrates her birthday, she later tells Max and Jez the truth about the night before. Lily confides in Iain about it being the anniversary of her father's death. Jacob is offered the position of Clinical Nurse Manager.[10]

October 2016

  • 8 - The events of "Too Much Love Will Kill You" take place. The staff sign a card for Jacob in congratulations for his new job. Robyn is left distraught as Glen's health worsens.
  • 15 - The events of "The Big Day" take place. Connie returns to work in the department and meets with Elle, accusing her of attempting to take over her job. Glen disappears just before the wedding leaving Robyn heartbroken.
  • 29 - The events of "Night of the Loving Dead" take place. Robyn comes upon a man who knows Glen whilst looking for him. Cal attends an awards ceremony for the ED with Alicia.[11]
  • 30 or 31 - The events of "Shock to the System" take place. Sebastian Grayling starts working in the department.[12]

November 2016

  • 5 - The events of "Thirty Years" take place. Duffy's son Peter visits the ED and his wife, Tanya gives birth to a baby girl in the back of an ambulance. Charlie and Duffy share a kiss.
  • 19 - The events of "About My Mother" take place. Connie once again returns to work on the day of the ED's inspection. At the end of the day she goes home with Grace, who's in a wheelchair and unable to properly speak.
  • 26 - The events of "Not in Holby Anymore" take place.

December 2016


All events of 2017 by month.

January 2017

  • 1 - The events of "What Lurks in the Heart" take place. Seb leaves the department after admitting to his lies.[15]
  • 14 - The events of "Back to School" take place. Connie decides to make an official complaint against Elle.
  • 21 - The events of "Little Sister" take place. Iain is reunited with his younger sister Gemma, who's admitted to the ED.
  • 28 - The events of "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" take place. Charlie prepares for his stag party whilst Cal suspects Ethan slept with Alicia.
  • 29 - The events of "The Stag, the Dog and the Sheep" take place. Charlie goes missing but is eventually found. He and Duffy get married that afternoon.[16]

February 2017

  • Unknown date - The events of "You Are Your Only Limit" take place. Grace suffers a seizure during the tribunal, which results in Connie dropping the charges against Elle. Elle steps down as Clinical Lead.
  • 18 - The events of "Binge Britain" take place. Iain's mother and sister are admitted to the ED after a confrontation with people who they owed money to.
  • 25 - The events of "Slipping Under" take place. Steph Sims is admitted to the ED after an attempted suicide.

March 2017

  • 4 - The events of "It Starts With the Shoes" take place. David says goodbye to Ollie as he leaves for Spain. As a result of this David flushes his bipolar medication down the toilet.
  • 11 - The events of "The Good Samaritan" and "Mobile" take place. David's mental state worsens and he takes Robyn to a graveyard where she gives birth to a baby girl premature.
  • Unknown dates - The events of "Five Days" take place, over a five-day period. Robyn is worried about her newborn baby Charlotte, who is saved by an operation.

April 2017

  • 1 - The events of "Sleeping With the Enemy" take place. Alicia wakes up in Sam's bed, whilst Sam announces budget cuts to the ED. All consultants will have to re-interview for their jobs.


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