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Tina Seabrook is a feisty young nurse, who was often pulled up by her superiors for her blunt tone and for forgetting how much she still had to learn. Tina's confident attitude was undermined when she was raped by a patient's husband. Her recovery was slow and difficult, but helped by the arrival of fellow junior nurse, Chloe, who brought optimism and fun back to Tina's life.

However, their friendship was shattered when Tina discovered Chloe had slept with her boyfriend, trainee doctor Sean. Tina tried to patch things up with Sean, but then learned Chloe was pregnant with his child. The situation remained very strained between all three for some time until Tina heard from fellow nurse Duffy that Chloe was going through an abortion on her own.

Tina decided to reach out to her old friend and the pair started talking again. Meanwhile, Tina realised she was attracted to senior consultant, Max. Tina ended up in a tricky situation; caught between the two men in her life.

Forced to decide, Tina ended up following Sean to Australia where they agreed to marry - calling the team back in Holby with the good news.

Behind the scenes

Claire Goose played Tina Seabrook on Casualty from 1997 until 2000.