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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Tony McHale is a British actor, writer and director. McHale served as a writer and director for long-running, popular soap opera EastEnders back in in the 1990s. He has also made major contributions to both Casualty and Holby City. McHale co-created Holby City back in 1999, before serving as the medical drama's executive producer and showrunner from 2007 to 2010, when he departed again.

McHale has written twenty-nine episodes of Holby City and twenty-eight episodes of Casualty. In addition to this, McHale has also directed four episodes of Casualty.

Episodes written

Episode Year
"Learning Curve" 1995
"Exiles" 1995
"Turning Point" 1995
"Another Day in Paradise" 1996
"United... by Blood" 1997
"Counting the Cost" 1997
"Internal Inferno - Part One" 1998
"Internal Inferno - Part Two" 1998
"Miracle on Casualty" 1998
"New Year and All That" 1998
"Trapped" 1999
"Truth or Dare" 1999
"Crossroads" 1999
"Peace on Earth" 1999
"Life Incognito" 2002
"Confidences" 2012
"All in a Day's Nightmare - Part One" 2012
"All in a Day's Nightmare - Part Two" 2012
"Tough Love" 2012
"Life Goes On" 2013
"Mistakes Happen" 2013
"Rock and a Hard Place" 2013
"For Auld Lang Syne" 2014
"The Great Pretender" 2014
"Valves to Vagrants" 2014
"The Family Way" 2014
"Learning to Fly" 2014
"Dark Horses" 2015

Episodes directed

Episode Year
"Exiles" 1995
"Turning Point" 1995
"Another Day in Paradise" 1996
"United... by Blood" 1997