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Tony Walker is a social worker who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital for just over two months from September to November 1990.

Time in the emergency department (1990)

Tony started to work alongside the clinical staff in September following an old man being brought in suffering from malnutrition and a fractured wrist. Tony offered him help, but the patient refuseed to accept handouts and discharged himself. (CAS: "Penalty")

A week later, Tony supported a wife, whose husband died after a lorry crashed through his office window. (CAS: "Results"). Megan first succumbed to Tony’s charms in late September after Tony saved her when she was attacked by her neighbour. (CAS: "Close to Home")

In early October, a psychiatric patient, Wayne, rang Tony, threatening to commit suicide. Tony didn't show too much concern as he was a well known hoaxer. Wayne, who had already taken a number of pills, turned up in A&E and stole more pills by posing as a doctor. Charlie found him collapsed in the toilets. A mother brought in her quiet boy, saying he was ill. A tip off from Tony revealed she had a psychiatric problem. Tony also tried to tempt Megan with a trip to Paris – Ash told her he was married but she said she already knew and wasn’t going to go on the trip anyway. (CAS: "Hiding Place")

The following week, a woman came in believing her ‘baby’ was ill – and had no head. She was a regular, who Tony came to visit – her ‘baby’ was infact a dead fish. She had a miscarriage earlier in her life, which had caused her behaviour. (CAS: "Salvation")

By late October, Tony told Megan he was going for a job interview in Manchester and asked her to go with him. After initial surprise, she agreed. (CAS: "Love's a Pain")

In early November, Paediatrician Esther MaCauley abruptly called a case of mistreatment on the parents of a small boy. Beth disagreed believing it was brittle bones. Julian told Beth that Esther had more experience, but behind her back, with Tony’s encouragement, she gained a second opinion and was proved right. Megan was planning a week in Snowdonia with Tony, but during the shift, his wife, Eileen, turned up and told her they were still leading an active married life. Megan was shocked, and confronted Tony. He apologised and even insisted they still go away together – Megan couldn't believe his nerve. (CAS: "Big Boys Don't Cry")

Behind the scenes

Eamon Boland portrayed Tony Walker in Casualty from September to November 1990.