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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Tough, Love" is the third episode of series 13 of Holby City and the 530th episode overall. It was directed by Sean Glynn and written by Martha Hillier.


Jess Griffin returns to Holby 18-months pregnant and plans to break the news to Ric, but she quickly grows concerned when she learns that her father is still undergoing chemotherapy and is "lucky" to have a job. Later, Hanssen informs Ric that a young girl he had treated earlier that day has been readmitted with suspected measles, and insists that Ric undergo tests on account of his compromised immune system. When Ric fails to recall whether Jess received the MMR vaccine in her childhood, Jess berates him for his irresponsibility and, deciding that she has had enough of him putting his work before her, proclaims that she will never forgive him. After reflecting on his priorities, Ric asks Hanssen to put him on sick leave and states that he would not resist being made redundant, but Ric insists that Hanssen not make Keller the prime target of his efficiency measures. That evening, Jess agrees to join Ric for dinner.

Faye's mental health continues to deteriorate in the wake of Linden's death, causing her to become increasingly unattentive, but Joseph insists on staying out of her way and allowing her to work. However, he soon feels compelled to intervene when Faye falsely claims that Linden was her baby's father and risks the baby's safety by sitting with a measles patient without protection. When a social worker, who Faye accidentally splashed with water, suggests that Faye has depression and insists that her situation requires intervention, Joseph decides to involve psychiatric registrar Sarita Dubashi, but Faye believes that Joseph is solely concerned about the baby.

Sacha is delighted when Chrissie returns to work from her maternity leave, but he soons becomes jealous when he notices her flirting with Greg and Michael, and clashes with Greg over the case of a young boy showing signs of neglect. However, Chrissie appreciates Sacha's generosity when he offers to look after Daniel while she spends some time relaxing at a hotel.


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