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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

"Toys and Boys" is the 231st episode of Casualty and the 5th episode of the 13th series.


A woman takes her son to a toy shop where he starts playing with a girl. The girl accidentally sets off an alarm and runs out into the road. The boy's mother tries to save her but they are both hit by a car. The girl, who turns out to be from a children's home, only has minor injuries but the woman dies. The boy's father is initially harsh towards him; George helps him see that he needs to show him the love he isn't getting from his mother instead of just disciplining him. Eve is recognised by a girl who was attacked while begging; she is a volunteer at a homeless shelter. A man is chased through a shopping mall by men he owes money to and pushed off a balcony; the thugs then go to his house and take goods in compensation, terrorising his oblivious wife. The man turns out to be a vicar who lost his faith after being diagnosed with cancer and started gambling. A young man tries to spray paint a message for his girlfriend on a motorway bridge but accidentally sprays himself in the face. Charlie patches him up and he goes back to finish the message. A biker with an injured bottom makes a pass at Tina who freaks out; Chloe punishes him with iodine. Sean manages to upset a hypochondriac woman and Charlie takes him to task. Duffy gives Charlie advice on visiting Baz.