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"Trapped" is the 189th episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 11th series.


A woman, Candice, is found dumped in a river, tied up. At the hospital, Jack and Charlie discover she has swallowed drugs. Detective Inspector Logan arrives to interview her; Sam discovers he is actually her boyfriend and has been forcing her to give him a cut of the drugs. When he realises that Logan was the one who dumped her in the river, trying to kill her, he makes a statement and Jack and Richard discover they have videoed Logan threatening Candice. Gloria's ex-boyfriend Jeff turns up; when she refuses to speak to him, he registers as a patient, claiming he has stomach pains, but Richard gets rid of him by threatening a rectal examination. Kate returns to work and tells Dr Eliot she wants to donate Trevor's life insurance to medical research; he tells her to wait before deciding. Jude visits a doctor on her break and learns she is pregnant. Paul and Jane, a couple on medication for psychiatric issues, are planning a bike trip but Paul falls and breaks his leg. Jane rides off on her bike with Matt on the back but he convinces her to return to hospital.

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