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"Treasure" is the 196th episode of Casualty and the 20th episode of the 11th series.


Matt hands in his resignation, having decided to take the job in Crete. Sam recognises David Rossi, an old colleague of Trevor's that Kate has been spending time with, from gay bars. A newly retired man, Andy, has been doing odd jobs for his neighbours. While he is clearing out an old well, it collapses on him. His wife Lotty learns he has been convincing his customers to let him sell their antiques and then keeping most of the money for himself; she leaves him. Joan, an elderly lady who's had a fall, gets chatting to Walker, a builder who hurt his hand but had been feeling ill for some time, while waiting in reception. She has been spending most of her time watching soap operas since her son emigrated and works out that he has MG from seeing it diagnosed in The Flying Doctors. A woman, Helen, returns home with her two children, Sarah and Ashley. When she turns on a kettle, the house is engulfed in a fireball. When Josh and Liz get the call, it is revealed they are Josh's family. Helen and Ashley are declared dead at the scene and Sarah dies in resus.

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