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"Trials and Tribulations" is the 146th episode of Casualty and the 18th episode of the 9th series.


It is Ash's day in court; Mike has gone to represent the staff and Charlie and Eddie are due to give evidence. A pregnant woman goes to see her husband, who is organising a protest against a road widening scheme, but is hit by a construction vehicle. Her husband, a former doctor who once worked with Charlie, saves a worker from choking. His wife feels he puts his protests ahead of their marriage and won't let him come home. Jude meets with a friend of hers; she is his support "buddy" and he has AIDS. He is beaten in a homophobic attack and Jude helps work things out between him and his boyfriend. When Matt voices his view that he should report it, Jude criticises him for not helping Ash. Matt tells the court what he witnesses and Ash is acquitted.

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