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"Turning Point" is the 159th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 10th series.


Jude is nominated by Matt and Ash to replace Ash as shop steward. Kay, a teenage girl who was brought in after a drug overdose, runs off with a sick baby while nurse Sarah (Josie D'Arby) is distracted. Kay's mother (Shirley Stelfox) reveals that Kay's baby died without being christened and Josh finds her christening the baby in a church. Ash is annoyed when Laura sends Sarah home. Daniel discharges a sick woman against Rachel's advice; she is later brought back in and her husband threatens to sue Daniel, who apologises to Rachel. A retiring policeman is bothered by his young partner's (Emily Woof) corrupt actions, including planting evidence on a rapist. When she makes a mess of a raid on a group of illegal immigrants and a girl is injured, he decides to report her, even though he will go down with her. Charlie tries to end his affair with Baz but she comes to his flat and seduces him.

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