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"Under the Weather" is the 140th episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 9th series.


Two young brothers shelter in a storm drain but are trapped, along with their father, when it is flooded. They are eventually rescued but the younger boy dies in hospital. A woman calling herself Vivienne Guyett comes in and is discovered to have terminal cancer. When another Vivienne Guyett turns up looking for her friend Connie, it turns out Connie has used Vivienne's name, constantly seeking further opinions because she refuses to accept her diagnosis. She finally accepts the truth. Charlie commiserates with Ash over his suspension. An elderly man tries to throw a bag off a bridge but is distracted and falls. At the hospital, he recounts the massacre of two hundred prisoners in Greece during the war. It is only as he is leaving that he tells Jude that he was one of those carried out the massacre; Jude finds the bag, which he threw in a bin, contains his war medal.

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