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Hi there. My name is Cavan (or Lythronax - either one will do), and I'm the administrator of Holby Wiki. It's my job to make sure that the wiki is fully up-to-date and functioning as intended. It's a tireless and seemingly never-ending endeavour, but it's one that I wholeheartedly enjoy.

Having been a massive fan of Casualty since I was six, I joined this wiki back in 2014, back when it was just Casualty Wiki, hoping to share my knowledge and love. Since then, I have seen the wiki transform into the behemoth it is today and have also seen many brilliant editors come and go. At the moment, I'm the wiki's only regularly active editor, but I would love for this to change. If you are a fan of Casualty, Holby City and HolbyBlue, your input and help with expanding the wiki would be greatly appreciated.

My favourite current characters from Casualty and Holby City are Dylan Keogh, Jade Lovall, Rashid Masum and Jac Naylor. I can't exactly pick a favourite Casualty series, but I enjoyed series 33 more than any other recent series. I haven't watch as much Holby City, though I imagine that my favourite era would be series 9 to 12.

task board



high priority
  • Create articles for all Holby City episodes
  • Expand main character articles
  • Add detailed plots to episode articles
medium priority
  • Establish editing and user conduct policies
  • Add production information to episode and series articles
  • Increase social media presence
low priority
  • Create articles for in-universe locations and minor characters

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