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Holby Wiki - Casualty and Holby City

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've updated the noticeboard on the main page, so I thought that it would be a good idea to post a more comprehensive report about what has happened to the wiki over the past few months.

What has happened?

  • Casualty Central is dead. Casualty Wiki has returned.
  • The wiki is nearly fully up-to-date. At the start of the year, in terms of content, Casualty Wiki was stuck in August 2017. Today, we are only four episodes behind. As a result, several character articles (e.g. Iain Dean, Dylan Keogh) have doubled in size. Over the past few months, I have written over 70 episode articles containing detailed synopses (well, of varying levels of detail) spanning from the beginning of series 32 to some of the most recent episodes of series 33.
  • The main page has received a complete redesign. Gone are the days of inconsistent typefaces and alignment. I have recently brought back featured articles and have managed to implement the character gallery that I first started creating back in 2017.
  • We are rebuilding our presence on social media. In August, I brought back the wiki's Twitter account, and, as of today, it has gained over 100 followers.
  • Achievements have been re-enabled. If you make edits to articles, you now receive badges for completing certain tasks.

What now?

Although I am pleased with the wiki in its current state, I certainly not going to start resting on my laurels. Very soon, the wiki will be completely up-to-date, meaning that I will have time to focus on other aspects of the wiki that require improvement.

  • We will revisit previous series and expand on their storylines. Although the wiki is rich in content from series 29 onwards, from before that point, it looks pretty barren. At the moment, I'm planning on starting from series 21 and moving forward from there.
  • The article category system may be overhauled. Casualty, as a series, doesn't just focus on the medicine - the lives of the hospital staff are held in just as high of a regard. Therefore, I feel that the wiki's current standard for categories (e.g. Characters, Current characters, Consultants, etc.) is no longer appropriate. For instance, there are multiple characters that have a certain neurological disorder or have attempted suicide in the past. I want to help readers find such information as easily and quickly as possible.

That is all for now. I may post another update once there are more major developments.