I'm just going to jump to the chase. I believe that Casualty Wiki and Holby City Wiki should be merged. Since the last discussion of a merger a few years ago, both wikis have changed drastically in terms of writing style and scope to the point where keeping the two shows separate is, in my opinion, counter-productive.

Over the past year, Casualty Wiki's scope has widened considerably - we have articles about minor characters, events that have occurred in episodes, and even roads and other thoroughfares. Inevitably, articles about locations or characters that have a more grounded basis in Holby City or HolbyBlue will be created. This is where things will end up becoming unnecessarily complicated. For example, Darwin has been featured in Casualty on a few occasions and is frequently mentioned, so the creation of an article for it on Casualty Wiki would be justified. However, given its limited presence of the show, the article will end up focusing on minutiae, and readers would have to cross over to Holby City Wiki for a higher-quality page.

A few months ago, I created a poll on Casualty Wiki's Twitter account asking its followers what their thoughts were on a potential merger - out of 40 total votes, 15 voted in favour of a merger, and 25 voted against it. When asked for some elaboration, the arguments I received against the idea ranged from "they are two separate shows" to "I'm not interested in Holby City".

In my opinion, these arguments are somewhat facile. In terms of tone, one can argue that Casualty and Holby City are separate shows. However, their respective wikis are solely concerned about their content, and it cannot be denied that the two shows are deeply intertwined in that area. If we ever wanted to expand the article for Holby City Hospital, details from both shows would be vital; splitting such an article, in my eyes, is unjustifiable. In regards to readers not finding Holby City content interesting, they could simply not read it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. I've made my thoughts on this issue very clear, but I can't enact these changes on a whim. After considering my arguments for merging them, do you think Casualty Wiki and Holby City Wiki should be combined into one wiki?

Lythronax (leave a message) 16:01, February 18, 2020 (UTC)

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