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"Value for Money" is the 123rd episode of Casualty and the 19th episode of the 8th series.


The staff worry about their jobs in the wake of the Queens closure. An elderly couple comes in after the man suffers a heart attack and he later recovers. A man with a painful leg believes his wife is having an affair with their son's football coach. His son tells him the coach is actually his boyfriend but the man refuses to believe him. He is told his arteries have been blocked because of smoking and his leg may need to be amputated. Ash tries to impress Mie by cooking an Oriental dish but only Frankie can bear to eat the result. A group of executives go on a team-building exercise but one collapses because of rheumatic fever. At the hospital, another collapses and dies from pancreatitis; both men lied about their health because they were worried about redundancies. The dead man's wife and the female member of the group with whom he was having an affair blame his employer and attack him in the car park with a crook lock, leaving the staff to patch him up.

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