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"Victim Of Circumstances" is the 47th episode of Casualty and the 7th episode of the 4th series. It was preceded by "Charity" and followed by "Deluge". The episode was directed by Andrew Morgan and written by Ginnie Hole.


A newsagent's son is terrorised by thugs on his paper round and is saved by a passer-by who takes him to Casualty. When examined, he refuses to say how he got the knife wound to his neck and it's comes to light, he's been seen before and Dr Lucy Parry thinks he's being bullied. When his father arrives she tries to convince him to report the incident but he refuses. When Charlie takes over, the father tells him about previous attacks and how the police have failed to protect him and his family, so now they just try to get on with their lives. He takes his son home before returning to his shop and finds his assistant has been harassed and she tells him she can't work for him any longer but agrees to stay on until he can get a replacement. Shortly afterwards, the thugs return and when he tries to stand up to them, he's beaten senseless and is rushed to Casualty. As his family wait for news, the staff battle to save him and he survives, although he's in a serious condition.

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